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Animal Icons

Animal Icons
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welcome to the menagerie!

Our concept here is fairly straightforward, a community for the display and sharing of icons featuring animals. Certainly any and all types of animals are welcome--from kittens to dragons to dinosaurs and back again.

You'll find our rule set is no different than any other icon community:

1. There is no reason for this community to sink into icon drama, petty disputes, or flame wars. So play nicely.

2. Requests are allowed. Please reply to the request post with your icons in the comments.

3. Absolutely no posts regarding how to achieve a certain effect. If you have a question, ask it in the posters journal or as a comment. Or refer to icon_tutorial.

4. We are first and foremost an icon community, so don't just post wallpapers, Friends Only banners, etc. without including animal icons in your post.

5. If you wish to pimp your personal community, you may only do so once and only if you are an active member. I pay close attention to who posts in here.

6. If you wish to pimp an icontest community, it must somehow pertain to animals. If not, I'm just going to delete the post with no warning, got it?

Remember: LJ cut-tags are our friends! Please have mercy on members with slow connections and super-busy Friends' Pages.

if you have any questions, just drop a line at my journal, girlboheme

I wanted to give special attention to our tagging system. If you wish to find a specific animal, please check out our tags page. It is pretty specific.

If you are posting a set of icons, you may add your own tags. Try to be specific according to animal and/or species.

Here are our affiliates.

If you wish to affilate with animal_icons, please drop a line here. All sort of affilates are welcome :)